Wiktor's Blog

May 2021


Now the weather is starting to get nicer and my plants are just growing and getting bigger.

April 2021

Trip to Edsbyn

Have been to Edsbyn and picked up Framerunners and left boxes for them. It was a long journey but it has been fun and exciting. 


Mars 2021


This is what a day at my job might look like. Today I delivered a package to Denmark.


February 2021

Quad bike

Now the snow is here so we take the opportunity to ride a little quad bike out in the beautiful snow and nature.


January 2021

Ice skating 

Now the season for Ice skating has begun, which I have been looking forward to. Which is super fun 

December 2020


Today me and my assistant have been in Linköping and delivered a Framerunner to a customer, which went well. The trip there was a bit turbulent, a bit difficult to find but in the end, we arrived. We assembled and delivered the Framerunner to the customer and he was very grateful for our delivery and help. The journey home was much easier but we were got tired after a whole day of sitting and driving. 


November 2020

Framerunning event 

We at Psiwisp had a try out event with our Framerunners. This was super fun and we hope to have more events like this when this pandemic starts to end.

October 2020

World CP day

Today, October 6, we celebrate World Cerebral Palsy Day, which is an important thing that we do. I wish everyone a nice day 


fast running on Framerunner

September 2020


Finally, after restrictions due to Covid-19, I can now start training in Västerås sports association and arena.

August 2020

Got a new work space

At the new job, I also got an office where I can work. A little to fix and finish at the office before use 


July 2020

New job

After graduating, I got a new job at the family business Psiwisp. Where I do different things like social media. 

June 2020

New apartment

Now the beginning of the summer I have bought my apartment in Västerås and am so happy with it.  


May 2020


Now I am finally finished and have graduated from high school  and am finished with my degree. 


April 2020

Home schooling

I needed to study at home during this ongoing pandemic with covid-19. It is not fun to sit at home but we all need to help reduce the spread. 


Mars 2020


Competitions and training in the spring have been canceled and that means I can’t continue for now. 

Soon I hope to be able to train on the track again with Lars and Gunnar! to work out on my own. Varies my training by running long distances of 5-6 km, back training and intervals with tires. It is nice to combine it with yoga and strength training, versatile exercise is good for my body.


February 2020


The Tybblelund Games were held in Örebro. Unfortunately it was only 60 meters but it was fun anyway, came in 3rd place, which gave me a bronze. Gustav Tegelund was there and he made a good run.


January 2020


My family and I went to Bollnäs for a national team camp, listened to lectures and trained with Sofia, among others. It ended with a competition where I ran a really good race at 200 and 400 m.

November 2019


Gothenburg to work at the Gothenburg Open. I was living with Elin, she showed me around Gothenburg and we spent time after work. I showed curious athletes our Racerunners as well.


October 2019

Tuna games

Eskilstuna Tuna games.  It was time for the Tunas Games in Munktell arena, I was not competing but helped Lars mentally prepare for the competition.

September 2019


Impossible Camp in Eskilstuna. I worked together with Sofia and my mother and father to inspire people to test RaceRunning. It was hard work and fun.

July 2019


In July, I and the company went to Denmark to promote / sell / advertise WISP. At the end of the week, a competition against hard resistance was conducted. I participated in the international RaceRunning camp and cup. Andreas and Rekar joined me and thee were very good help in coaching me.

I took bronze in 400 meters and 200 meters, Silver 100 meter

November 2018


Netherlands. We went to Assen and had a WISP testing event. It was really fun that Rafi bought a WISP, now he will be even more fast. It was really great days with a lot of work and meeting nice people.

September 2018


My mother and I got our approval as Certified Running Coaches.


August 2018

One more!

One step closer for RaceRunning to be a part of Paralympic in the future. Lasse competed on his WISP and won a bronze in an combined RR2/RR3 competition. The Swedish Parasport decided to only send RR1 runners so I didn´t had to the possibility to join in Berlin.


Competing in Barcelona. When we arraived to the arena we met Lasse with his new WISP. He had changed his mind and decided to compete on his WISP already after 3 weeks of training. We had some really hard and fun competing during the event. I won gold at 200 m and silver at 100 and 400 m. Lasse won Gold at 100, 400 and 800 m. Sofia got bronze at 100 m.

Some words from runners testing our WISP Lightning:

“Like running on air”

“The fastest RaceRunners”

“I love it”


July 2018

One more!

Ready to travel to Copenhagen and the RaceRunning Camp and Cup. Sofia will travel together with us and stay in our house. Elin will meet us in the house that we will rent in Copenhagen.

Really existing competition with tough racing between us in RR2 men senior. I won gold at 100 m, silver at 200 m and bronze at 400 m.

Our Team WISP, Rie, Sofia and I won together 9 medals, 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze.

The interest for our new RaceRunners was very big, especially from international side. Runners from Denmark, Norway, Poland, USA, Russia, Scotland, Sweden and Netherlands tested and enjoyed the running. My Danish competition friend Lasse bought one of the RaceRunners that we had brought with us to Denmark. He is one of the fastest runners in the world and running in the class as me, RR2 Senior. Our Team WISP is growing and now we are five fast Runners in the Team. Lasse told us that he will start competing on his WISP next year, first he likes to train a lot on it. A club from Netherland ordered a larger amount of RaceRunners.

When we came home Marietta from the Scottish University contacted us and that resulted in that we sent a RaceRunner to the University.

June 2018

Lars second Framerunner

Lars is buying his second WISP Framerunner. He liked to have one at home and one on our Running arena i Eskilstuna. We are training a lot and is really fun running together with him. We are competing the whole time.

April 2018


The new WISP Lightning was ready for testing and the running characteristics was improved and it is so good looking. To use the words from our Industrial Designers

Agile / Strenght / Seamles / Performance.

Great running on the roads and track.

Mars 2018

New design

We have worked together with an Industrial Design Company in Stockholm and together with them, our Mechanical Designer Mats have we designed a really good looking new Framerunner. I’m very excited in testing it.

February 2018

Another one!

Rie from Denmark is the fourth member in Team WISP. She is a very fast Runner and will be great to meet her i Denmark this summer and do some competing.

January 2018

One more!

My training friend Sofia is now the third Team WISP member and now has a WISP Lightning by her own. Since a year can we only train together at summer and winter holidays since she is going in a school in Bollnäs. It is great to train together when she is home. We both were selected to represent Sweden in the Swedish Athletic Team.


September 2017

We sold our first Framerunner!

We sold our first RaceRunner to Lars, a Swedish runner. We will start training together in Eskilstuna, in our Athlethe club Råby Rekarne.



July 2017

Competition in Copenhagen

This year have we developed a new RaceRunner i Aluminium and I decided to compete on that one. It is very stable and fast to run on.

The Competition was very successful and I won 3 silver medals, 100, 200 and 400 m.

A lot of people were interested in our RaceRunner in aluminium and carbon fiber. It is really fun working with testing of new ideas and show our RaceRunner for other runners.


July 2016

Competition in Copenhagen

Great days in Copenhagen. I was competing on my new RaceRunner WISP Thunder. A RaceRunner in Carbon fiber. I won gold at 200 m and silver at 400 m. I got a World record at 100 m at the Semi final, the time was 20,02 s. At the final for 100 m did I run so hard that the RaceRunner overturned. Everything went well only some scrathes on me and on the RaceRunner.


Wiktor, Lasse and

June 2016

Testing togehter with my mother Pernilla

This week me and my mother tried out our Framerunner 

Wiktor testing Framerunner with Pernilla