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Casper - Denmark

– I feel that I can sprint on my FrameRunner from WISP. With its lightweight, it’s something I love running on.

My sickness is a spastic disease which makes it difficult for me to grow muscle in my legs, together with that my body weight is around 60 kg, so the weight of the FrameRunner is very important to me.

When I had my diagnosis, I came from a good running ability, but I never thought I would be good at running again.

The weight is not everything, before I tried it I was afraid of falling, but it is very stable. It’s quality all the way 🙂

I will recommend it to everybody.

Fast and powerful running

Running for your freedom, running for that gold…

Gerlinda - Netherlands

– My name is Gerlinda. I have been living with a neurological diagnosis since puberty. This made it difficult to find a suitable sport after my favorite sports skating and volleyball no longer worked. I did aqua jogging in warm water and exercise therapy with physiotherapists This was necessary to stay in shape but were not sports that I really liked. So I kept looking for a suitable sport. I found this when I met frame running four years ago and I quickly started looking for my own Running Frame. That is how I came into contact with WISP and I was immediately sold. The WISP is a running frame with a low weight and a cool appearance.

The wheels are easy to disassemble, making transport easy. I have been playing sports with the WISP for almost three years now and train several times a week on the track and on public roads. As a former skating enthusiast, it was a great opportunity to test the Ice WISP and to experience again what it is like to be able to glide over the ice at great speed. The WISP and IceWISP give me the opportunity to maintain and build up my fitness and muscle strength. In addition, enjoying sports with like-minded or able-bodied athletes is also possible at an association. For me personally it is also very important to challenge yourself in the sporting field. For example, we have now managed to participate in various track competitions and a half marathon. In addition, we hope to participate in a performance skating tour on the Weissensee in Austria next year.

Henk - Netherlands

– My name is Henk. As an assistant I was involved in the Frame Running group set up by my wife. Walking was never my thing due to a hip problem, I preferred cycling. Unfortunately, due to non-congenital brain injury I suffer from weak motor skills, balance problems and overstimulation, which made cycling more and more difficult. That’s why I made the switch to Frame Running. Because my wife is fully satisfied with the training with the WISP, the choice in terms of type of running frame was quickly made for me. Last July I received my own WISP during the camp and cup in Frederiksberg Denmark. Since then, a world has opened up for me in the sporting field. I really enjoy training on the track with other Frame Running athletes. I also love to take a walk through the forest to clear my head. The WISP can be used with fat tires and racing tires, so you can walk/run comfortably on any surface.

The speed I can develop amazes myself and others. Since July, more than 500 kilometers have been covered with the WISP. Together with my wife I ran a half marathon and we are busy training to take on a nice sporting challenge with the IceWISP on the Weissensee in Austria next year.

Bob - Netherlands

– Before my stroke in 2017 I was a fanatic runner (I ran 10 marathons). A few years later I met a physiotherapist and Frame Runner trainer Harry Jan. During this time I used the frame in a way to improve my movements and to train my leg. A couple of months later we decided to run longer distances, not only on the track but also on the road. With my running mate we ran about 2000 km during the last two years, with a maximum of 35 km a day. The WISP proves that it can be used outside an athletic track easily and is suitable for the longer distances as well.

Michel - Netherlands

– My name is Michel. I have been in a wheelchair since I was born and my disease is called Cerebral Palsy. I’ve never been able to walk by myself but with the WISP that suddenly is possible. On Sunday mornings I train together with people who also use a frame runner. For me it is a relief that I can use the WISP to walk and it has made my life a little bit bigger.

Gustav - Sweden

My name is Gustav Tegnelund and I live in Karlskoga, Sweden. When I was born, I got a Cerebral Palsy injury, which has made it difficult for me to balance, mobility and to walk and run.

I started with Frame Running in 2013 and since then I have been doing it. The reason why I train Frame Running is partly that I think it’s fun, but also to be able to run and get fitness and strength. I love to compete in Frame Running. I also like to meet and get to know other athletes who have similar disabilities as me. In addition to the fact that I love to train and compete in Frame Running, the training benefits my everyday life, as I get stronger. I also feel better when I get to exercise and move.

In August 2021, I bought a WISP Framerunner. I like the WISP because it has a nice design with the black frame. I was so happy that I got the opportunity to choose the color of the decals on the WISP Framerunner and that I could get my name on it. It becomes more personal then. The WISP Framerunner does not weigh as much as my previous Framerunner, which I believe and hope will help me run faster on the track.

I would highly recommend the WISP Framerunner to other athletes in Frame Running!

Agnetha - Sweden

I have actually named my WISP Frame Runner to Wera, that’s how much it means to me!

It is the best walking aid I have, it gives me freedom to get out and walk every day, and to run out into the forest and nature. It is for me freedom on wheels.

I use it daily to get out and walk with my dog Siri. We take at least 3 walks a day. I also try to take a run almost every day depending on how my body feels.

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