Framerunner of the future

Become a member of the WISP Team and join us at upcoming events.

Our mission is to develop a Framerunner for fast and flexible running, both on tracks with road tires and with fat tires for runs in the forest.

Visit us in Sweden and test the different sizes, saddles and chest plates. We adjust your new Framerunner to give you the best possible running conditions.

We are looking forward in meeting you soon. 

fast running on Framerunner

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+46 736 388 75

Customer reviews

Casper - Denmark

I feel that I can sprint on my Framerunner from WISP. With its lightweight, it’s something I love running on. 

My sickness is a spastic disease which makes it difficult for me to grow muscle in my legs, together with that my body weight is around 60 kg, so the weight of the Framerunner is very important to me.

When I had my diagnosis, I came from a good running ability, but I never thought I would be good at running again.

The weight is not everything, before I tried it I was afraid of falling, but it is very stable. It’s quality all the way 🙂

I will recommend it to everybody.

Harry Jan - Netherlands

My disability is a problem in walking/running as the result of a hip replacement after arthrosis. A peripheral nerve was partly cut through. I had to walk with a crutch and could not run anymore.

In September 2019 I started to use the WISP for running short distances (5k) with my running mate. He encouraged me to run for a longer distance and we focused on a 21k run. Later on, we had the idea that we could try to run a real marathon. So our training schedule is 3 times a week and from 15k up to 35k. We also use intervals to increase our speed.

We should run the marathon in September 2020 in Odense (Dk), but that marathon was postponed because of the pandemic. Now we have to train one year longer.

At this moment I’m able to walk without an aid. And that after using an aid for 11 years! It’s a very good reason to continue running with the Framerunner.


What I like about the WISP is the stiffness of the construction in combination with the appearance. This way of running gives me back the opportunity to run again. And not only run, but also run long distances in the beautiful surroundings of my home. That is called the Drentsche Aa.