A Frame Runner made for running and skating on ice

Enjoy ice skating with the iceWISP

Frame Running is fun, and Frame Skating is a step greater. It is a lovely feeling running on the ice, so smooth and fast. You quickly change the wheels on your Frame Runner to skates, and you have a Frame Skater.

Unique and powerful design

The new Winter Parasport!

Innovativ Technology

Let us tell you more of the details.

The saddle position is adjustable in different ways.

Comfortable Chest Plate in polycarbonate, robust and lightweight.
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Innovative WISP BoxFrame©
Light and stable BoxFrame design provide fast running conditions.
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WISP Spring © easily adjusts the resilience of the handlebars.
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Ice skates in stainless hardened steel.

Mounted with the same wheel bolt as the wheels.

Quick-release of the front skate.


Stay active year-round

WISP FrameRunner makes it possible for everyone to stay active year-round on any terrain. WISP has not only revolutionized the parasport market but also made Frame Running accessible to more people around the world. Along with its modularity, the Framer Runner’s usability and ergonomics further the user’s independence and freedom of mobility.

The techology

The WISP Spring© makes it easy to adjust the steering function to your needs. It is also a safe and reliable steering solution for all runners.

The WISP BoxFrame© is a new innovative frame solution. Its extreme stiffness and strength makes it a light and durable construction that provides conditions for fast running. We use different types of aluminum to optimize the strength of the frame.

The WISP Skates© makes it easy to convert your WISP to an iceWISP and perform running on ice.

The WISP Spring©
The WISP BoxFrame©
The WISP Skates©
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