About WISP

A story of survival, hope, overcoming obstacles and developing an unique product.

Our story

Born with brain damage – now Wiktor is fighting for the gold – and freedom!

Wiktor Hanssen was born a fighter. First, he fought to survive, then to be able to sit, walk and eventually run home a world record.

When Wiktor was born, the doctors made a mistake that led to him suffering a severe brain injury. His life hung on a fragile thread. But Wiktor proved to be a true fighter, and he survived! Wiktor was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As his mother and father, we decided to do everything to make his life good.

Wiktor tested the sport Frame Running for the first time as a ten-year-old. A Frame Runner is a tricycle, and the sport was invented in Denmark about 30 years ago. It is a perfect sport for children and adults with functional variation, thanks to its construction. Once upon the Frame Runner, Wiktor was stuck. He could finally run away from us, his mom and dad! And from anyone who has ever doubted his ability!

As Wiktor grew, so did the size of the Frame Runner, but eventually, we came to a point where it could not be made bigger. There were no Frame Runners on the market that suited Wiktor, and we decided to design our own. We started our family business with the trademark WISP. It is today one of the leading Frame Runner manufacturers on the market. Together with engineers, production technicians, and industrial designers, we develop the FrameRunners of the future. In 2020, we got the nomination for the Grand Design Award.

We look forward to welcoming you into our international Team WISP.

Running for freedom

Many people today are limited by impaired functions in balance and mobility and are not getting the chance to experience the feeling of freedom. WISP FrameRunner changes that.

Continuously development

We continually strive to improve our products to give you the best possible running experience.

In the company, we have significant experience in design, mechanical calculation, and nevertheless, our own Frame Runner Wiktor with more than 12 years of experience running on a Frame Runner.

Running for that gold

As we state in our song Victory:
The world has never been the limit for us
The greatest power is within
Since we were young, we’ve been fighters
Since we were young, we’ve been the stars


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