WISP Lightning

WISP Lightning

WISPTM Lightning

The RaceRunner is made from aluminium and comes in three frame sizes. The weight of the frame for size L is 4 kg. A complete RaceRunner has a weight of 12 kg, with variation up and down depending on the choice of parts.

The WISP Adapter© provides the option of using standard bicycle wheels. The WISP Adapter©, together with the design of the frame and fork, make it possible to use ”fat bike” tires for training on forest trails.

The WISP Spring© makes it easy to

adjust the steering function to your needs. It´s also a safe and reliable steering solution for all runners.

The WISP BoxFrame© is a new innovative frame solution. Its extreme stiffness and strength makes it a light and durable construction. The BoxFrame© provide conditions for fast running.

WISP Design© is design protected within EU.

WISP Design© – RaceRunner for the future

WISP RaceRunner_english

WISP RaceRunner_svensk


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